• Have a newsletter for your clients and want to give them another method to consume your information? I can help.
  • Part of a medical or law practice and looking to showcase your personality and individual approach? What about a way for patients or clients to get a sense of you? I can help.
  • Looking to weigh in on something topical from your entity’s perspective? I can help.
  • Tired of writing and want to offer an audio or video blog? I can help.
  • Want to freshen up your ‘about me’ with a little depth, personality, and humanity? I can help.
  • Public relations/marketing/communications firm, of any size, looking to provide for a client? I can help.
  • Educational institution wanting to highlight a story? I can help.
  • Interested in a full-on podcast? I can help.
  • Good old fashioned content creation. I can help.
  • During my radio journey, I co-hosted shows amassing 1.5M downloads and $3M in revenues on an annual basis. I’d like to be your co-host. I can help.

So, what to expect?

  • Initial consultation. Let me learn about you.
  • Assessment of goals. What’s your target? What’s your purpose?
  • Define the format. Got talking points, a press release? Am I creating the interview?
  • Choose a platform. Audio, visual or both?
  • Choose a program. What makes sense for you? Packages can be tailored to your needs.
  • Schedule the recording. Remote, or your office/conference room?
  • Editing? I will cook to order.
  • Delivery, then you post it to your site. Tweet it. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. However you wish to share.
  • Want a side order social media promotion from my end? Say the word.

I also offer voiceover for…

  • IVR/Voicemail/Phone Systems
  • Commercial reads
  • Narration
  • Documentary
  • Training videos
  • Business presentations

I use a Sennheiser MKH 416 and UA Apollo Twin in my home studio. Check out for demos.

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