I can help tell your story…

conversation [kon-ver-sey-shuhn]

  1. informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talkhow to master the art of conversation.

From non-profits to the largest and smallest businesses, we all need to talk to one another. We need to clarify, explain, comment, discuss, speak our piece and state our case. With nearly 30 years of broadcast experience in front of the mic and behind the glass, Scott Linn PR Podcasts makes talking about your business, our business. We add dimension to your brand. We host, produce, record and edit your conversation. You provide your expert and talking points, we’ll relate and steer the chat. The end result will provide messaging and clarity for internal and external usage while delivering created content. Who doesn’t want to add a little more of you to your website?

A message conveyed…

Front and center, as emcee, at https://landmarkdmv.com groundbreaking for the Crescent at Chevy Chase project. Video courtesy of suburbanvideo.com .

Scott Linn PRPodcasts:

Your message.

My microphone.

Our conversation.

Scott Linn PR Podcasts, LLC

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